Wrought iron railings are rightfully considered the main decoration not only of stairs, but also of the house itself.
It is on the appearance of the stairs that the designer, architect or the owner of the house can make the main emphasis when designing an interior or exterior.

Forged railings with balusters are now very popular. Many manufacturers of wrought iron railings use wrought iron or cast balusters as fill in the stair railings. Forged balusters on the stairs look no less beautiful than classic forging. They fit perfectly on almost any type of staircase.

Wrought iron gates in Kiev

After the completion of construction work, the owners of country houses and cottages begin to design their personal plot. In matters of registration of a private territory, the owners strive to show their own individuality and originality. Forged gates will cope with this task as well as possible. They are durable and reliable, therefore they become protection against unauthorized entry into private territory, theft and damage to property.

Railings are railings for stairs and balconies. Forged metal railings made using the art forging technique are also a stylish decor. They combine elegance, sophistication and presentability. When painting forged railings for interiors, light colors are often used. The choice of color scheme for fences directly depends on the style of the entire room.

The wrought-iron spiral staircase fits perfectly into the general interior of the country house. The forged staircase is made in black with the use of gilding technology. The application of gold leaf on acanthus leaves gives this staircase a unique appearance. A wooden handrail is installed on the staircase, which emphasizes all the beauty and luxury of this interior.