Stainless Steel Products

Stainless steel products in Kiev - Artel author's workshop

Today, along with black steel products, stainless steel products are very popular. Stairs, railings, canopies, balconies and other interior and exterior items can be made of stainless steel. Due to its resistance to corrosion, stainless steel does not require painting. Depending on the requirements for appearance, stainless steel products can be mirror polished, sanded or satin-finished.

Перила и ограждения из нержавейки

Stainless steel railings can be installed on the main, spiral, cantilever and other types of stainless steel stairs. In this case, the fence can be installed with both traditional top and side fastening. In the manufacture of railings and fences, pipes of round, square and rectangular cross-section are used. Argon-arc welding is used in the production of stainless steel railings. After welding, the products are sanded with abrasives of various grain sizes and, if necessary, polished to a mirror state.

Artel - exclusive designer stainless steel furniture in Kiev

Stainless steel lends itself well to processing (polishing, satin-finishing, matting). And it fits perfectly into the interior that forging or ferrous metal products will not fit. Stainless steel furniture goes well with other materials such as glass, stone, wood.

What are the advantages of stainless steel over other types of steel?

Fences, railings, awnings, stainless steel furniture during operation are exposed to constant contact with the external environment and the human factor, unlike ferrous metal products, they are not painted. Consequently, during operation, the appearance of the products remains the same. They do not form chips of paint, rust, or other defects as a result of the reaction of the metal with the environment.

Balconies, stainless steel fences in Kiev

A very important requirement in the production of balconies, fences, canopies, awnings and other stainless steel products is the selection of the steel grade and materials used . The main steel used in the production of stainless steel fences is AISI 304 - GOST - 08X18H10. Due to the high content of chromium (Cr) and nickel Ni, an oxide layer is formed on the metal surface that is resistant to corrosion and various chemicals. Thus, the use of AISI 304 stainless steel ensures an excellent appearance of products for many years. Artel author's workshop: professional production of stainless steel products and structures in Kiev

Along with metal structures made of so-called “black” steel, stainless steel products have gained immense popularity over the past few years. The key feature of this material is its impeccable appearance, which remains unchanged even after several years of active use. Polished stainless steel fits equally well both into the exterior and into the interior of buildings, which is confirmed by its active use in the design of cottages and administrative buildings.

Основные виды продукции из нержавеющей стали, производимые мастерской «Артель»:

  • Ladders and handrails;
  • Various types of fences;
  • Gates and wickets;
  • Canopies and canopies;
  • Decor.

All of these products have an extremely high degree of corrosion resistance. Even a long stay in the open air under the most unfavorable weather conditions will not harm them.

Popular types of material processing

The smooth or mirror-like state of the stainless steel surface is only a consequence of its careful processing. An obvious advantage of this method is the ability to refract the visible spectrum of light. Even bulky elements made of such material are perceived as something small and light. Ideal recommendation for use in confined spaces.

Polished stainless steel looks no less impressive. However, it is the complete opposite of the first option. Its surface is covered with the smallest directional scratches, which create a pleasant roughness to the touch. As a result: no trace after contact with anything that can leave contamination.

Stairs made of stainless steel

An excellent option for arranging the transition to the upper floors. It is quite common in various office buildings, but it is no less popular with the owners of two-level apartments, luxury houses and cottages. The stainless steel ladder can be easily installed even on a wooden base.

Stainless steel stair railings

The classic way to design existing staircases. Equally well suited for marching, spiral, cantilever or any other type of staircase. In the production of stainless steel railings, pipes with round, square and rectangular sections can be used. It should be noted that such products have a very high level of safety. Metal, by its nature, is not capable of absorbing any liquids and substances, which is why a simple wiping with a soft cloth slightly impregnated with a cleaning agent will be enough to remove any dirt from its surface.

Stainless steel railings

Stainless steel railings can be either a logical continuation of stair railings or a completely independent structure. To give them maximum structural strength, all supporting and decorative elements are connected to each other using argon welding. The joints are carefully processed and polished. Mirror polished stainless steel does not lose its appearance, even if the railings are used outdoors, for example, on open terraces or balconies. In some cases, it will be appropriate to use polished steel, since any contamination is practically invisible on its surface.

Stainless steel fencing

This type of fencing has a fairly wide range of applications. In administrative premises, they can serve as a kind of barriers that structure and direct the line of visitors. Often they are used as a safety element installed near hazardous areas: at the very edge of a flight of stairs, near walls and columns (bumpers). Not the most common, but no less interesting, use is fencing in museums and galleries. Something similar can be found in supermarkets, in the design of checkout areas.

Stainless steel gate

No matter how delicate polished stainless steel may look, it still remains an incredibly strong and durable material. That is why there is nothing surprising in the fact that stainless steel wickets and gates are so incredibly popular with our customers. The material goes well with pillars made of red or gray bricks, but they are not a prerequisite. The best part is that such products require absolutely no maintenance. If you have the desire, you can try polishing them, which will allow the designs to literally sparkle.

Stainless steel visors

Ideal for buildings that need a well-designed entrance, which is not foreseen in the main project. Stainless steel pipes will create a solid and durable structure that does not conflict with the design or color of the facade. If the visor is covered with sheets of transparent polycarbonate or tempered glass, it becomes almost invisible. Such a move can often be found in the design of historical buildings, the architecture of which has a certain cultural value.

In addition to all of the above, a stainless steel visor is also the simplest solution. The material is so self-sufficient that you don't even have to think about any additional decor. Smooth polished pipes do not irritate the eyes of even the most discerning observer.

Sheds and entrance groups made of stainless steel

A logical continuation of the canopy theme is awnings and entrance lobbies. In this case, we are talking about completely independent structures, installed separately from any buildings or adjacent to them only on one side. Small architectural forms of this type can be used as gazebos or parking spaces.

Often they are covered with tempered glass, which gives them an incredible appearance, although it deprives them of such an important function as the ability to protect from sunlight. On the other hand, this does not in the least prevent prominent architects from using this technique when developing the architecture of high-rise buildings, where, as you know, glass is the predominant material. Apparently, its brilliance is extremely well combined with the brilliance of polished metal.

Other stainless steel products

All types of stainless steel products and decor fully retain the basic properties of the material. Because of this, they can be successfully applied in the most unexpected areas. For example, pool owners will surely appreciate the opportunity to order custom staircase designs. Depending on personal preferences, it can be either a small portable structure or a descent fixed at one point. However, there are also much more impressive examples. Satin stainless steel, completely devoid of its reflective properties, is a favorite texture among furniture manufacturers. It is brutal enough not to get lost against the background of other interior items, but at the same time it does not stand out for its catchiness and brightness. Ideal for styles such as minimalism, industrial and sometimes futurism.

We can say with confidence that the topic of using stainless steel in the interiors of apartments or any other premises has not yet been disclosed. Using the production capabilities of our workshop, you can bring your most daring design projects to life. We have already managed to work on creating incredible tables, fireplaces, cabinets and even fountains. In each of these cases, we approached the tasks performed with great responsibility, thanks to which our clients had absolutely no complaints about the quality of the solutions received.

Quality assurance

When developing and creating stainless steel products, we try to take the most responsible approach to the issue of choosing its brand. Most often, AISI 304 steel is taken for work, the quality of which is ensured by the requirements of the rather harsh conditions of GOST. The high content of chromium and nickel in the upper layers of the metal allows it to successfully withstand almost all types of external influences, among which negative temperatures, moisture, as well as corrosion and chemical activity of many substances can be distinguished.