Artistic Forging

Artistic forging Kiev

With all the variety of modern materials and solutions, forging remains irreplaceable. These are, traditionally, forged gates, balconies, stairs and stair railings, awnings and entrances, terrace railings, park and wall lights and much more. Like other architectural elements, forged products are a continuation of architectural solutions. They play an important role in the overall visual perception of an architectural complex. A feature of all forged products is that their style and design is determined not only by aesthetic considerations, but mainly by functionality and practicality. In other words, artistic forging does not define the style of a building. Its task is to emphasize individuality and enhance the emotional impact. Forging is a unique, expressive, but, nevertheless, a tool for creating an architectural form. Only by being in the mainstream of architectural solutions, art forging products, and by themselves, become worthy of being called works of art.

Until recently, architects were involved in the design of artistic forging. Outstanding works of art forging are conceived and designed by eminent architects for outstanding works of architecture. Today, in the digital age, it has become possible to copy, scale, and edit drawings. A huge amount of information has become available. But, fortunately, computers cannot replace either the architect or the artist. And, if we talk about artistic forging, then, as before, everything starts with a pencil. As before, it is very important that when working on an order, from the sketch to the finished product, from the general form to the smallest element, the artist, architect and performer have a complete understanding. In such a necessary, but rare, bundle, artistic forging products are born that decorate the house interior and you don't want to look away from them.

Forged products as works of art.

The most popular and widely used metal processing method is art forging. A distinctive feature of artistic forging is that its goal is to create not only practical, but also beautiful products. They acquire artistic value and are rightfully ranked as works of art. The author's workshop "Artel" in Kiev is the place where your most non-standard and original ideas can come true. We work individually with each customer, creating truly unique and unrepeatable forged metal products. They will become an adornment of your country estate, its calling card and pride.

To emphasize the individuality and uniqueness of architectural forms, you can use forged elements. Even with an abundance of choice of building materials and technologies for their processing, forging remains indispensable. It can be found both in small city apartments and in spacious country houses, cottages, modern hotels and shopping centers. It is represented by a large selection of forged products that are used to decorate interiors and exteriors in various styles: gates, awnings, railings, gazebos, balconies, fences, furniture, arbours and much more.

Wrought iron gates in Kiev

Gates, wickets are the face of any structure. They are able to distinguish it from the background of other buildings, highlight the good taste of property owners, and demonstrate a high social status. Wrought iron gates will become the hallmark of the site. Forged gates can be both traditional swing and sliding. The style of decoration is selected taking into account the architectural style of the house, cottage or complex of buildings.

In addition to aesthetic appeal, wrought iron gates and wickets have many other advantages:

  • high indicators of strength and durability. The finished products can be successfully installed and operated even in harsh climatic conditions. They perfectly tolerate the effects of precipitation, temperature changes, retaining their attractive appearance and original characteristics for a long time;
  • versatility in use. Wrought iron gates and wickets can be combined with both similar fences and fences made of natural wood, brick, natural or artificial stone, corrugated board;
  • the possibility of installing electric or mechanical locking mechanisms, gate automation systems. The unique design of the product will not be affected by this.

Wrought iron stairs

The staircase is one of the most important elements of the interior, which serves a practical purpose - it provides unhindered access to the upper floors. In its manufacture, various stylistic and constructive solutions are used:

  • ladder on a bowstring or beam;
  • constructions on bolts;
  • cantilever forged stairs and other non-standard solutions.

The design of forged stairs is developed individually in each case. The stylistic features of the interior design, the total area of the room where the structure will be installed, layout features and the customer's taste preferences are taken into account. An important feature of each staircase is the way of fastening. It is also selected and developed individually.

Wrought iron railing

Railings are an integral part of any staircase. Wrought iron railing perform several functions at once: decorative and protective - they provide safety during ascent and descent.

Beautiful railings transform any staircase, making it a highlight of the interior. Various materials are used for the manufacture of forged railings, but forged metal will give the interior a unique and original look. Wrought iron railings can be attached either top or side, or attached directly to the staircase frame. We are engaged in the production of handrails for all types of stairs: marching, spiral, concrete, natural wood. In each case, the design style is individually selected, which corresponds to the interior design and stylistic features of the staircase design.

Wrought iron fences

High strength and reliability are hidden behind the airiness and lightness of forged fences. Forged fences are ubiquitous today. They decorate the interior and exterior of government offices and private homes. Their popularity is due to their spectacular appearance, which transforms any personal plot, makes the building special, the interior and exterior are cozy and refined.

Forged metal fences can be designed in any style. The most popular are classics, modern, baroque, art deco. Modern technologies make it possible to produce fences in which they look harmoniously with any materials: natural wood, artificial and natural stone, glass. Versatility in use expands design possibilities. If you need to bring lightness and weightlessness, sophistication and sophistication to the interior, then forging for a country house with floral designs and elements is ideal. When designing a forged fence, you should focus on the general style of the facade or interior in the house.

Our catalog contains many ready-made options that underline our many years of experience in the manufacture and design of forged fences. You can submit your own sketch or develop it together with our designers. We will take into account all wishes and competently design fences that will delight you not only with a spectacular appearance, but also with reliability, practicality in use and durability.

Wrought iron balconies

Forged balconies will be a win-win decor option for any building. The result of the fruitful work of the designer and laborious manual work makes it possible to create unique and inimitable balcony railings. They become a real work of art, emphasizing the overall architecture of the house. In addition to the decor, wrought-iron balcony railings provide a safe exit to the balcony or terrace.

When choosing forged balcony railings, be sure to take into account the style of the facade design. There are many ready-made solutions on our site. You can submit your own sketch or develop a design together with designers. A balcony made according to an individual sketch will be absolutely unique. It can have any size and shape, design and color scheme.

Wrought iron balconies made by our craftsmen are real works of art. They embody luxury and grace, but at the same time they combine high performance.

Corrosion resistance of well-painted and treated structures increases the service life of forged products, their appearance remains unchanged for many years.

Wrought iron french balconies

The balcony is rightfully considered one of the most effective methods for transforming the facade. It gives it a presentable and luxurious look. If your house does not have a special place for a balcony, it can be built quickly enough. In this case, it is worth stopping at the French balcony. It is mounted by means of special fasteners directly to the facade of the building. What is it - a beautiful terrace or a small-sized decoration? Forged French balconies are solid and durable structures, which differ in that they are mounted directly on the wall of the building & nbsp; and serve to decorate the house and complement the overall style. This is more decoration, original decor, which is suitable for multi-storey country houses, cottages, townhouses.

Forged balcony railings are perfectly combined with brick, natural and artificial stone, decorative plaster. They can be decorated with any designs. Each exterior can be successfully supplemented with such fences. Our craftsmen are ready to implement any project. When developing it, your tastes and personal wishes will be taken into account.

Forging for terraces

Fencing a terrace with forged products is a fairly common technique that is used by many owners of country cottages. A forged lattice is capable of solving a number of tasks:

  • changing the geometry of space;
  • marking the exact boundaries of the terrace;
  • decoration of the territory;
  • security.

Metal products have a spectacular and presentable look. They are capable of transforming any area. Listing the advantages, it is worth noting the high performance characteristics. The products are highly resistant to external factors, so for a long time they retain their aesthetics without requiring expensive repair or replacement.

Wrought iron canopies and entrance lobbies

Forged sheds and entrance lobbies are most often installed at the entrance to the building. They will allow the owner to comfortably enter and leave the house in any weather, exclude the formation of ice, protect the doors and facade of the building from the negative effects of external factors. Forged metal products will give the structure a complete look, graceful and attractive appearance. A wrought-iron canopy is rightfully considered the most elegant, original and beautiful product, which compares favorably with analogues in reliability and original design.

Wrought iron gazebos

An interesting and beautiful solution for any suburban area will be a gazebo made of wrought metal. It can be of any size, shape and style. When choosing a gazebo for a country house or summer cottage, you must take into account the style of interior decoration. We are able to translate any idea into reality.

Forged arbors

Forged arbors are light openwork designs that can often be found in areas near country houses and cottages. They become a great place for outdoor recreation. Openwork forged filling of structures makes them a stylish element of the exterior.

If you are looking for forging for terrace decoration, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the ready-made options on our website. We also do custom-made designs. They are compiled taking into account the personal requests and wishes of each client. Such products are distinguished by their original appearance and unique design.

Welded steel structures

Welding is the most common method of firmly and reliably joining individual metal elements into a single structure. Welded metal structures have found application in various fields, since they combine strength, reliability and aesthetics.

Additional Information

All additional information about products made using forging can be obtained by contacting the specialists of our company, which produces forged products in Kiev. Assortment, prices, delivery, terms of order fulfillment, payment option can be obtained from our specialists. It should be remembered that hand-forged products are unique, made individually and have a high price. Forged products are perfectly combined with other interior items of an apartment or house, but you should take into account the stylistic design of the decoration, the color of furniture and wallpaper.