Forging railings and iron stairs

Wrought iron stairs, wrought iron railings and stair railings

One of the most important elements of a home's interior is the staircase. The forged railings are inseparably connected with it. Here the link to the type of ladder and its ergonomics is practically absolute. The exception to this is stairs made of metal. In this case, it is possible to use both the classical scheme, that is, making a ladder on a bowstring or on a beam, as well as "free" solutions - such as making a fence with a self-supporting handrail, structures on bolts, cantilevered steps in the wall and other non-standard solutions. in that case

Wrought iron railing

The price of a forged railing depends on the density of the pattern, the complexity of manufacturing and installation. In the production of forged railings, it is necessary to take into account and adhere to the standards for their manufacture. The main indicators of safe forged railings are rigidity, strength and a well-calculated height of the metal structure. The recommended height of forged railings and railings (for residential buildings at least 900 mm, and for schools and kindergartens, the height of the railings should be within 900-1200 mm). Having extensive experience in the production of wrought iron railings in Kiev, we manufacture safe, comfortable and beautiful wrought iron railings. You can order wrought iron railings in Kiev by calling us or writing to e-mail.

Wrought iron fence

Already at the design stage of the product, you need to have a complete idea of ​​what material will be used for its decoration. Wooden treads and risers dictate the need for the manufacture of fasteners that will make it possible to install a forged fence in such a way as to exclude the possibility of damage to the joinery. We often carry out the installation of forged railings on marble or granite steps.

An important feature of each staircase is the way it is fastened. It can be top, that is, fastening to the tread, or lateral, that is, fastening the fence to the stringer of the stairs. The handrail of a forged fence can be made of a special metal profile, which is often used for outdoor fences or others, such as wood, marble, brass. In all cases, it is necessary to take into account the need for a forged handrail to be installed securely and accurately.

The baroque wrought iron railings are powerful, full of lush elements, flowers and acanthus leaves. Forged railings in the Art Nouveau style are plastic, light, mainly with a characteristic floral pattern. Many designers and architects have recently taken notice of the Art Deco style. This gave a new impetus to the development of forging and opened up new horizons for the creativity of metal artists. The modern design of interiors and exteriors harmoniously fits the fences of the stairs with stained glass inclusions, with tinting and painting of elements of forging in gold. External and internal stairs. Fences with cast brass elements Grand Forge.

Forged stairs and railings in Kiev

Forging is one of the most complex types of metal processing, thanks to which you can make the space functional, as well as refine and decorate the interior. Beautiful wrought iron railings are able to emphasize and decorate the interior of a country house, cottage, two-level apartment.

Stylish forged stairs can be used in any room, regardless of the interior design, since modern production technologies and the skill of specialists allow you to create real masterpieces for any direction. The main advantage that wrought iron railings have is that they always attract attention. This is due to the unique capabilities and graceful form, in each element of which the artist's creative idea can be seen. It can be forged railings with gold leaf, twisted railings with openwork decorative elements, images of birds and animals, delicate flower petals and patterns with all kinds of floral ornaments. All of the above elements, created by the forging method, will tell about the refined taste of the owner and set accents both in the premises and in the local area.

Thanks to the possibilities of modern metalworking, the staircase to the second floor will become a worthy decoration of the exterior or interior, and reliable and beautiful forged railings will complement the general concept and idea of ​​the designer, since with the help of forging, the master will be able to make the structure both airy and majestic. A variety of patterns, techniques and styles will allow you to make an exclusive, distinctive and harmonious product.

Among the main advantages of forged railings, stairs and all kinds of fences are durability, luxurious appearance, ergonomics, ease of maintenance and operation.

Wrought iron railings in Kiev

An excellent option for those houses whose owners value individuality, comfort, good quality, as well as sophistication in details. Making forged railings to order, we take into account all the wishes and requirements of the customer, architect and designer for the design, so that this structural element becomes a logical and harmonious addition to a staircase or porch. Such products amaze with a variety of artistic options.

Wrought iron railings are metal railings for stairs and balconies. According to the norms, almost every staircase should have a railing about a meter high. They are needed not only to help descend and ascend, but also provide safety at the same time. Wrought iron railings are confidently leading among all possible options. Forging is always reliability, beauty and resistance to any damage. Choosing this option, you definitely won't be mistaken, since the railings are part of the fence, it is important that they are made of the same material. Metal is one of the best for this. If you arrange a staircase, fence and railings in the same style, it will look very elegant and stylish, since forged products are very popular now. Wrought iron railings look great, do not leave splinters on your hands, and reliably protect. Wrought iron railings can be easily matched to the style and architecture of the house, so they fit perfectly into any interior. The price also depends on the complexity of the decor of the forged railings: the more complex the drawing, the more expensive the product will be. However, there is always an opportunity to choose a decor for every taste, since the assortment and choice for today is very wide. In addition, you can make the decor of the railings according to your own exclusive sketch. In this case, you will have a product with a unique design, which will significantly increase the aesthetic appeal of the whole house. Forged railings will become a real decoration of your home - after all, as you know, details decide everything. Most often, forged railings are installed in a private house, where they perform not only a decorative, but also a functional task, ensuring safe movement between floors.

Wrought iron stair railings

Due to a huge variety of textures and shapes, as well as high strength, reliability and aesthetics, chic forged fences surpass all other similar structures made by other methods.

Forged railings, despite their sophisticated appearance, are highly durable and durable. Most often, in the manufacture of such fences, a variety of artistic styles are used to demonstrate the respectability, good taste and consistency of the owner of the house. And handrails, balusters and railings will be a great addition to the overall interior design, since in their manufacture it is possible to place decorative accents that emphasize the beauty and style of the entire space.

The experience of craftsmen and the plasticity of metal at high temperatures allows you to create exquisite patterns of any complexity, which can be used to decorate not only the space of a classic interior, but also a modern room with a fashionable design in any style, be it modern, Provence or high-tech. It is important that the railings are strong and stable, as they will be subject to significant stress.

Wrought iron spiral staircases

In modern interiors, wrought-iron spiral staircases are quite common; their main advantage is the saving of useful space. It is this characteristic that influenced the fact that these types of stairs are installed in modern two-level apartments. Their design is so compact that it can be installed even in the smallest room, because if necessary, it can be used for installation no more than one and a half square meters of usable area.

It is impossible to place an ordinary marching ladder in such a small area, since the angle of inclination in this case will be excessively large, and the operational characteristics of the structure will be negligible. That is why, in the conditions of small-sized country houses and living spaces with several levels, forged spiral or semi-screw-type staircases are so popular.
In addition to useful performance characteristics, it is worth highlighting the aesthetics of forged spiral staircases. Such an element will undoubtedly become a worthy decoration of any room, especially if a variety of forged elements are used in its creation, corresponding to the general style. If you wish, you can order a wrought-iron staircase on a bowstring, marching, cantilever or on bolts.

Wrought iron staircases

The most popular and classic version of the staircase, which will perfectly fit into any room where there is a second floor. The main advantage of such ladders is safety and ease of use. Such solutions are easy to manufacture, although in the presence of a large number of decorative forged elements, creating a staircase will require significant effort and professional creativity. Such designs will look good in residential buildings, as well as in the interior of commercial premises.

Experts recommend not using more than 15 steps for residential interiors, because, otherwise, lifting will take a lot of energy and cause discomfort. If the layout of the room assumes the presence of a larger number of steps, then it is necessary to divide the march using the site into several parts. The designs themselves forged forged staircases can be with turns or straight, and despite the seeming simplicity of staircase openings of the marching type, they harmoniously fit into any interior and look beautiful.
The only nuance that needs to be taken into account when ordering such a design is its large dimensions. Due to their large size, such structures are often installed in spacious rooms.

Wrought iron stairs

A self-supporting structure is in most cases called boltsevo ladders. Their main advantage is their unusual and light appearance. At the first glance at such a product, it seems as if the steps of the stairs are suspended in the air, since nothing holds them below. But in fact, it is fixed with its side part to the wall, which performs the task of the supporting element.

Among the main advantages of a bolt-type staircase, it is worth highlighting the following:

  • durability;
  • perfect combination with interiors made in different styles;
  • a wide range of modifications;
  • ease of use, especially if you decorate the stairs with reliable forged railings;
  • high level of reliability and durability;
  • beautiful appearance.

Wrought iron stairs

Cantilever forged stairs are very popular in modern construction and design. Designers use various modern technologies in order to design such stairs of various shapes, and talented craftsmen skillfully decorate them with beautiful wrought-iron decorative elements. Thanks to this combination, the stairs are functional, stylish and beautiful. Such designs have become especially popular among modern designers, since they allow you to create original and interesting interior solutions with excellent performance characteristics. In addition, their popularity is due to their visual lightness, which is very important for many rooms where the presence of heavy options would be inappropriate. Using such stairs, you can make the room more respectable and status.

When choosing such a structure, it should be borne in mind that its installation will require a reliable and strong wall that will be able to withstand not only the weight of the staircase itself with forged elements, but also the operational load.

View the photos of all the above options for forged railings in the gallery to appreciate the beauty and design of each and find the most optimal solution.

Metal stairs

The main types of metal ladders are ladders on a broken stringer or stepped stringer, stairs on the central stringer, cantilever stairs, stairs on the bolts. They are manufactured using square or rectangular shaped tubes.

Before manufacturing a metal frame, it is very important to correctly calculate its construct and find a compromise between the appearance, the used sections of materials and ease of use. For correct design, calculation of stiffness and manufacture of a metal staircase, understanding down to the smallest detail is necessary. Its supporting part must be rigid regardless of the type chosen. If the metal staircase is not subsequently sewn up with wood or other materials, then all interfaces, joints, welding seams must be cleaned and brought to perfection, then its appearance will bring joy and aesthetic pleasure to the owner.

The advantage of metal stairs over other types is that it can be quickly manufactured and installed, the metal does not look bulky and at the same time has sufficient rigidity. Such stairs are ordered in apartments from the first to the second floor, in a townhouse, and in private houses. Our method of manufacturing and assembling the ladder allows you to temporarily dismantle the ladder after its installation for finishing work and minimizes the locksmith and welding work at the facility. In the process of manufacturing a metal staircase, we provide for the attachment points for future railings and steps. After the final assembly, the entire staircase looks like a single whole.

You can order a metal ladder by calling us.