Forged Products

Forged products in Kiev

Forged products Forged products are in great demand in the world due to their original design, high strength and practicality. Therefore, forging is still in high demand among art connoisseurs. Forged products allow every person who wants to decorate the space according to modern or classic design canons. For centuries, craftsmen have been polishing their skills and improving the forging technology, today you can order from the Artel author's workshop:

  • wrought iron gates;
  • forged lanterns;
  • wrought iron gazebos;
  • forged railings;
  • wrought iron firebox;
  • wrought iron chandeliers;
  • forged gratings;
  • wrought iron fireplace accessories and sets, and much more.

Forging has long been not a luxury, but a competent investment of money in items and products that will serve for many years. Many antiques with forging elements date back centuries, which proves the high and impeccable quality. Visual design, forged elements and much more are subject to change during the sketching process. The master puts his soul into every new project of the Artel studio.

Window grilles

Aesthetics in all cases plays a major role in the design of the facade of the house and the external window space. When it comes to the safety of an apartment or house, people prefer forging. The fact is that it is possible to produce various configurations with beautiful decorative elements of the lattice of the highest strength. Forging adds character and charm to the surrounding landscape and architectural design. Facades with wrought-iron balconies and lattices in the same style look amazing. Forging is used not only as an excellent protection for windows, but also for decoration of stair railings, gates, fences and gates. The scope of use of forging is quite extensive and every day technologies offer designers new solutions. The production of gratings and other products is carried out from forged steel rods of various sections. It is an elongated steel bar, the shape and size of which depends on the style of the interior and the wishes of the customer. Today masters offer really irreplaceable solutions with security systems. As a result, the windows are beautifully decorated and unassailable. When welding conventional gratings, each rod is welded separately, which can no longer guarantee high strength and reliability. At the same time, welded gratings are not much cheaper than forged products. The forging is much stronger because several lines are woven together to create a powerful frame. During the heating of steel bars, the metal does not change its characteristics and remains very strong. Therefore, forging is guaranteed - much stronger and more reliable than other types of window protection. To slightly diversify the product, additional processing technologies are used. Let's say the addition of additional forged patterns - leaves or flowers. The methods for connecting rods can vary significantly. Depending on the wishes of the customer: it can be an interweaving of rods, complex geometric shapes or patterns can be present in the subject. The rods can be arranged diagonally or repeating a circular shape. With a huge variety of wrought iron gratings, they can be used to protect and decorate custom windows. This is especially true today in private construction, when manssard windows and original balconies are used, where it is necessary to make gratings and railings. The wizards offer a huge number of different solutions, such as peaks, angles, petals and various interesting solutions.

Wrought iron aviaries

If you plan to move soon to your own country house and are thinking of getting a dog or have already got it for a long time, then you must definitely create all the conditions not only for relatives and friends, but also for four-fingered comrades. A forged dog enclosure is a perfect solution for a pet. After all, an animal after home will not be able to live in a cramped and uncomfortable wooden booth. An aviary that has transparent walls is another matter. By the way, many aviary owners put a small booth inside so that in case of a cold snap the dog can hide under the roof. You can do without additional frills, because even without that, the design provides for a simple roof and floor. Forged aviaries can be of various sizes. The standard design starts with such parameters 2x3 meters. If the dog does not tolerate low temperatures, then the room can be insulated, which will solve the frost problem. It is much more comfortable for a dog to live in its own "house", where it is dry, warm and lacks wind and cold. At the same time, the wrought-iron aviary fits perfectly into the landscape design. Every person who loves animals should have an aviary. Raw materials for the production of forged structures undergo rigorous selection and quality control. Materials are used of high quality from trusted suppliers. Aviaries can be of various configurations. For example, a standard construction with a wooden roof and a floor of 2x3 meters is a summer option, but more serious solutions are made to order. For small and medium-sized dog breeds, smaller aviaries are produced to make the pet comfortable. There are options with walking and a food service window. When you leave, so the staff can feed and walk the dog.