Forged iron furniture and chandeliers

Wrought iron furniture

Forged furniture. For terraces and balconies, wrought iron tables with glass, marble top, wrought iron sofas and armchairs, not only for gazebos and outdoor patios in the yard, but also for large halls and kitchens. A very subtle, separate direction of artistic forging. Interiors in a modern loft style, constructivism and others are filled with metal furniture. It's not just tables and chairs. These are metal cabinets, sofas with a metal base, tables with a wooden or glass top.

Forged products have been used for a long period of time in interior design, home, park and garden furniture, fences and fences. Blacksmithing craftsmen produced various pieces of furniture and interior from metal, using the technology of hot and cold forging, which made it possible to give the products a given shape. Steel and non-ferrous metals were used as raw materials.

Classification and production technology.

Products can be classified into several groups:

  • home furniture;
  • wrought iron park furniture;
  • garden furniture;
  • metal fences (stairs, balconies, plots, parks);
  • Interior items (chandeliers, sconces, decorative items).

Advantages of products made by forging: High strength, attractive appearance, a wide range of different design solutions. To give a more aesthetic look to products made by forging, different types of paints, patination, blackening, putty, primer, sealants, silicones, varnishes are used.

Wrought iron beds.

Companies producing wrought-iron beds offer a wide range of products with certain characteristics: dimensions; product shape, design features; type of base used; the type of mattress used; variant of the design solution. The sizes of the bed can have a wide range of values ​​depending on the order: width - from 60 to 230 cm; length - from 120 to 230 cm; In the manufacture of wrought iron beds, wood, plastic, leather, fabrics, PVC are also used. The base of the bed can be equipped with a side lifting mechanism, a special lift or have a transformable structure. The base design provides for a special recess to accommodate a mattress with a depth of 10 to 23 cm. The design solution can be sustained in any style using decorative elements that have a pattern in the form of graphic figures, natural phenomena, fruits, leaves.

Forged furniture in loft style and industrial vintage.

Loft-style wrought-iron furniture was first produced in the United States and represents a trend based on minimalism and simplification of forms. When placing an order in the workshop, specialists will create a range of different interior items designed in the loft style: chairs, dressers, chandeliers, lamps, hangers in the hallway, frames for mirrors, beds, armchairs, tables. It is especially worth noting the metal wrought iron stairs used in country houses, and furniture for equipping bars, cafes, restaurants, designed in the same style.

Industrial vintage furniture

Forged furniture in the industrial vintage style is typical of the 50s of the last century.

Vintage furniture

Vintage furniture represents a trend that combines antique and modern elements in the design of individual products. The segment of vintage furniture also includes artificially aged items. Such furniture is characterized by the following features: uniqueness; nobility; original design; high quality workmanship. In the manufacture of vintage furniture, along with metal, wood, fabric, ceramics, genuine leather are used, selected in the same style and color scheme. Modern vintage furniture is made on the basis of samples produced in the 18th - 19th century. Such furniture has the following features: the materials used have a muted color; the cladding, the surface of the furniture elements have traces of "aging"; decorative decorations are used in the design of furniture.

Forged lanterns

Forged lanterns are produced in 2 types: wall; individual and are used for lighting and decorating buildings, alleys, parks and summer cottages. Forged park lanterns are made according to an individual sketch or using ready-made designs.

Wrought iron chandeliers

One of the main highlights in a country house or apartment can be a forged chandelier that conveys the atmosphere that reigned in castles and palaces many centuries ago, while forged chandeliers with stained glass and fusing look luxuriously with modern interior items, which makes it possible to decorate without any problems living space. A wrought iron chandelier is a light fixture produced by means of artistic metal forging. The combination of centuries of experience and new technologies allows craftsmen to create real masterpieces. Forged interior and exterior items are made according to individual drawings & nbsp; under the order.

A wrought iron chandelier is ideally combined with other simple wrought iron products. For example, you can put a lamp and a bed on the floor, and an elegant wrought-iron chandelier will complete the composition. Wrought iron chandeliers blend beautifully with glass and wood. Caring for forged chandeliers is simple: in order for it to delight with beauty for many years, it is necessary to wipe the dust with a damp sponge from time to time. Therefore, during installation, always consider the maintenance points.

For the manufacture of forged chandeliers used: steel; bronze; copper. The chandelier includes the following components: base for fasteners; plinths; electric cartridges; diffusers; electrical wires. There are 2 types of chandeliers: pendant; ceiling. The external design of the chandelier elements can be performed in different styles: Provence, Baroque, Gothic, Art Nouveau. The shape of the chandeliers is determined depending on the functions performed: curly; multi-tiered; multi-track