Forged iron gates and wickets

Wrought iron gates and wickets in Kiev.

Architecture. Style. This is where the understanding of which gate fits into the architectural style of a house, cottage or complex of buildings begins. The gate is, on the one hand, the beginning, and on the other, the continuation of architectural solutions.

The style and design of wrought iron gates, like all art forging products, are determined by the town-planning environment and the architectural characteristics of the adjacent buildings. There are two types of wrought iron gates - swing and sliding. Sectional doors opening upward are practically not used as entrance doors. When designing and manufacturing forged gates and wickets, we adhere to simple and understandable rules for us and the customer: the gates must be beautiful, practical and functional. Most of the gates that have to be designed and manufactured are "opaque". The so-called "sewing" of gates and wickets appears. Depending on the style, it can be a steel sheet painted in the color of the gate, wood, glass, polycarbonate, polyester sheet. The presence and properties of the "lining" material often determines the design features of the gate. In order to make the covering easy to install and maintain, the gate structure provides for the possibility of complete dismantling of the covering material without the use of welding and without the need to tint the gate. Many years of experience show that this decision, although it complicates the manufacturing process, is correct.

At all stages of manufacturing, we pay special attention to the anti-corrosion resistance of the product. During assembly, individual door elements and the entire door are treated with special primers containing zinc. All "weak" spots before painting are treated with sealants, and then primed by hand. For painting, mainly Dr. Ferro, Tikkurila, which are highly resistant to corrosion and mechanical stress. The gate is completed with mechanical bolts, stops, lugs for a padlock. In most cases, an electro-mechanical lock is installed on the gate. If necessary, automatic equipment is installed on swing and sliding gates. Recently, these have mainly been the fittings and gate drives manufactured by the Italian company CAME. We pay special attention to such an important stage as the installation of gates and wickets. Wrought iron gates and wickets from the Artel workshop in Kiev.

The ensemble of gates and wickets is not only a convenient way to enter the backyard territory, but also the “face” of all the buildings located there. These products will be the first thing that any visitor to your home will see. It would be a big mistake not to pay maximum attention to their style and aesthetics.

The best that can be found on sale today is, of course, custom-made forged gates and wickets. The author's workshop "Artel" will gladly assist you in this matter, with our inherent accuracy and attention to detail. We will make sure that the result of our work exceeds all your expectations.

We are equally good at constructions with the traditional mechanical principle of opening, as well as forged gates with automation. You can verify this by examining our portfolio, where some part of already completed orders is presented. Our chic wrought iron gates and wickets are sure to convince you to make the right decision.

Wrought iron gates in Kiev.

Today there are two main types of forged gates - sliding and swinging. It is they who are most often installed to enter the fenced area. It will not be entirely correct to talk about the superiority of one option over another, because each of them has certain advantages. For example, sliding wrought-iron gates can help you save a lot of useful space in front of the gate, because almost no space is required for their full disclosure. On the other hand, wrought-iron swing gates are best used in cases where sliding gates are simply impossible to install due to the lack of space on the side for rolling back. Externally, sliding and swing gates can look absolutely identical, especially if you pay due attention to their design and decor. If you have not yet decided on your choice, we will be happy to help you with this. Just contact us in any way convenient for you and let us know about your wishes. Luxurious wrought iron gates are our profession.

Wrought iron gates.

Where there is an entrance for cars, there must be an entrance for pedestrians. Wrought iron gates are equally popular with our customers. Most often, their design complements the design of the gate. If the design of your personal plot or the architecture of your building requires a special approach to the production of wicket gates, we will be happy to offer you our options for the design of gates and wickets.

There are several reasons to consider the choice of a wicket with all responsibility:

As a rule, only the closest friends and acquaintances are allowed to enter the private territory, which means that all your guests will have to go through the gate;
The driveway from the gate usually leads to a garage or parking lot, while the path from the front door rests against the wicket. In other words, leaving the house, the first thing you will observe is the appearance of your gate and gate.
To date, we have managed to implement a fairly impressive number of projects related to the design and manufacture of forged gates for both private clients and various organizations. It is probably pointless to say that we have always closely followed that the quality of the materials used in the implementation of these orders was at the highest level. Meanwhile, we managed to acquire a rather unique experience, which we will be happy to share with our customers. It is possible that the information below will dispel your doubts about some controversial points.

Forged sliding gates.

When installing forged sliding gates, it is very important to choose suitable and high-quality fittings, taking into account the weight and dimensions of the gate. If the gate is installed correctly, then their further operation will only be a pleasure.

Forged swing gates.

When installing swing gates, it is very important to properly prepare the place for swing gates. Competent concreting of post under the gate will ensure correct and break-free operation of the gate in all weather conditions.

The combination of practicality and style is perhaps the best definition for a forged gate from our workshop. They will reliably protect your property from the encroachments of intruders, while emphasizing and decorating the aesthetics of its exterior. Do not hesitate, the exclusive wrought iron gates will definitely meet all your expectations.

Wrought iron gates catalog.

Catalog of forged gates from the Artel workshop. In our catalog of forged gates there are gates for every taste, different sizes, designs, layouts and different price ranges. The quality of doors made by our workshop of any segment and class is always at the highest level! Thanks to our vast experience, all wrought iron gates serve our customers for many years. Our wrought iron gates will not leave you indifferent.