Forged fences and balconies, forged sections

Wrought iron fences

Forged products and home or summer cottage decor elements are a profitable investment that will emphasize your social status and refined taste. Nowadays, more and more such elements are becoming popular among customers, which is why there are so many different forged products for home and summer cottages.
Forged fences, handrails, balconies are not only stylish, but also reliable, because metal products can serve for more than a dozen years.

Forged fences in Kiev

The fence has long performed an important function of protecting the territory from the penetration of strangers and animals. However, over time, the fence also began to perform the function of decorating the landscape. Therefore, there are so many options for fences, among which it is easy to get confused. You can make a fence out of brick or wood, but the most advantageous option is a forged fence.
One of the main advantages of such a fence is a wide view. Unlike other fence options, wrought iron allows you to view the fenced area. It should be noted that forged fences are durable and resistant to various mechanical influences, which is important for the fence. After all, metal is a material that does not care about anything. Such fences are not subject to the destructive effects of temperature changes, high humidity and other climatic phenomena.

Another important point is the coating for a wrought-iron fence. The paint must be durable so that it does not have to be repainted frequently. This will allow you to make a fence of any color, which is also a big plus. And if you correctly approach the choice of paints and varnishes and correctly prepare the product for painting, then you can completely forget about problems with the fence.
Yes, such fences have a serious drawback - a price that not everyone can afford to pay. However, in this case, you can abandon complex designs and curls, and choose a more democratic option that will cost less.

A strong and beautiful fence is both a barrier from intruders and a beautiful design of a personal plot. For the manufacture of fences, various materials and sections are used, which allows each property owner to choose the best price-quality ratio. If you are looking for a beautiful, durable, reliable and presentable fence, then you should take a closer look at the forged fence and the fence from the Artel workshop. They will become the hallmark of your home and will favorably distinguish it from the background of other buildings.

Forged fences

In the installation and operation of stairs, handrails and fences are also important elements. Without them, using a ladder is not only dangerous to the health and life of people, but also tasteless: this is how it looks & nbsp; unfinished.
Firstly, fences are needed for the safety of those who use the stairs, as this is a guarantee that no one falls off the steps. But in addition to safety, fences also have other functions. They are also needed to decorate the entire staircase. Having completed the correct decoration of the fence, you can highlight the staircase as an important element in the design of the entire room.
One of the best materials for fencing is, of course, metal, although they are also made from wood. Forged fences are not only stylish staircase decor, but also very reliable. And, as we have already found out, safety is one of the main functions of the fence.
Forged fences look very stylish and expensive, and the entire staircase takes on a completely different look. With such a fence, you will emphasize and draw attention to the staircase, making it the central element of the whole room, or even the house. When choosing a railing, pay attention to the pattern so that it blends harmoniously with the staircase.
You can make fences and stairs from the same material, and & nbsp; and from & nbsp; different, but in the second case it is important to combine them correctly so that everything looks harmonious.
You can decorate with a wrought-iron fence not only a staircase, but also a balcony. A house should look beautiful not only inside, but also outside. And for this, a wrought-iron balcony fence would be an excellent option. This will immediately emphasize your sense of style, and people on the street will definitely pay attention to such a balcony, which looks luxurious in comparison with the similar designs of your neighbors.

The fence should be beautiful, original, functional, reliable, provide safety and please the eye. Professionally made forged railings will turn into an exquisite element of the exterior and interior. Its main advantage is durability. The metal is highly resistant to the negative effects of external factors. Over a long period, it will retain its excellent appearance and high technical characteristics. Forged balconies The exterior is a kind of "face" of its owner. Looking at the decoration of the facade, you can tell a lot about the well-being and tastes of the owner. In addition to the facade, the style of the balcony design is of great importance. It should become part of the overall exterior, complement it, make it unique and original. Forged balconies and other forged products, which are equipped not only in country houses, but also in city apartments, do an excellent job with this task.

Wrought iron balconies

If you live in a high-rise building or have a cottage of several floors, then you cannot do without a balcony. At the same time, I want the balcony, which is seen by all passers-by, to look attractive or even unusual. On the other hand, I want it to be beautiful and safe at the same time, since it depends on the health and even the life of people who use this balcony. In this case, consider making a wrought-iron balcony. It looks very presentable, and its bold design will appeal to you and your neighbors, who will also want to do something similar for themselves.
Prices for wrought iron balconies depend on the complexity of the structure and design, as well as on the amount of work. However, even for a reasonable price, you can make your dream balcony with a metal railing that will delight the eye and will also be very reliable in terms of safety.
Wrought iron French balconies
Separately, it is worth considering forged French balconies, as they are noticeably different from & nbsp; ordinary. & Nbsp; In addition, many do not know what they are.
French balconies are small, narrow structures that sometimes have no foundation at all. The fence is installed in the opening from the outside in front of the door. If the balcony area exists, then it is very small and narrow, where two people cannot fit. French balconies come with and without a ledge.
Balconies without a ledge are flat and parallel to the wall.
Balconies with a ledge have a small area, but not wider than a human foot.
There are so many options for a wrought-iron French balcony nowadays. This most often depends on its size, since a small balcony looks very cute, and a wrought-iron fence will make it unique.

Forging for terraces

The use of wrought iron terraces began in the Middle Ages. Then in all large houses such fences were used. This emphasized the style and originality of the house. Today, wrought-iron terraces are also fashionable, they are often used to give the whole house a finished and beautiful look.
Wrought iron fence for terraces is used to give originality to the entrance of the house. Often this element of the fence is used for summer halls of cafes and restaurants, but they are ideal for home.
Such fences can serve you for more than a dozen years, while having their original appearance and without losing their quality.
You can make forging for terraces according to an original sketch, which will make your home even more wealthy and unusual. Wrought iron terraces will make any home a work of art, as they have sophisticated design and complex elements.
The important point is that forging is done by hand. The master makes different elements, giving the product an unusual shape and design.
Wrought iron railing for the terrace is made in any style and style for every taste:
Russian, Byzantine, Renaissance, Gothic, Rococo, Baroque, Art Deco, Modern and others.
Forged products for the home and the street are a great solution for all times. They are distinguished by their strength, safety, resistance to the vagaries of the weather and mechanical damage. They are difficult to break, bend or otherwise damage. They tolerate high and low temperatures well, as well as other atmospheric phenomena. They are safe, especially if there are children in the house. Because of this, forged products have become so popular among customers.
In addition, forged fences and elements are now at their peak of popularity. Therefore, by making a wrought-iron fence or balcony at home, you will emphasize your exquisite taste and social status. And since there are so many different styles, shapes and decor of forged elements, you can always find exactly what you need and like you. Such elements fit perfectly into any style of interior decoration, which makes them versatile. When ordering railings or fences for your home, you can not only choose from ready-made options, but also offer your own unique design, which will once again emphasize the features of your home.