Forging visors, iron awnings and alcove


Wrought iron canopies and entrance lobbies

A canopy over the entrance. Visor. Entry group. They are called differently. Nothing is wrong. One of the areas of forging, in which it is extremely important to understand the structure, method of fastening and the material of the roof. This is the product for the design and production of which you need not only blacksmithing skills, but also engineering experience. & Nbsp; It is impossible to postpone the decision on the method of fixing the roof, be it steel sheet, copper sheet, glass or monolithic polycarbonate. It is impossible "by eye" to make a decision about how the canopy will be installed. Every detail is important. The material of the walls, the material of decoration or insulation of the building, slopes and drainage are not a complete list of factors, without which a forged canopy may not decorate the structure and make the entrance to the house comfortable and beautiful, but frankly worsen the facade. The case when you need to think over a lot and in great detail. Creative content and functionality, on the other hand, make the forged canopy a noticeable decoration and, as it were, a brooch on the facade of the building. In the architecture of different periods, there are a huge number of examples when a wrought-iron canopy becomes the main accent and the most noticeable architectural detail of a building. This large and voluminous product, like all forging products, follows in line with the rest of the architect's decisions.

Wrought iron swing

Forged swing is designed for use in a summer cottage or in a country house. They will become the highlight of your site and will definitely attract attention. The swing is equipped with a special canopy designed to protect it from rain and sunlight. A tree or a soft part can be installed on the swing seat. Particular attention is paid to safety measures: the absence of sharp corners and edges on the elements of the swing; Forged swings are resistant to mechanical stress and are designed for long-term operation, and most importantly, they are beautiful and will organically fit into the exterior of your site.