Forged railings. Wrought iron balconies. Forged lanterns

Photo of a wrought iron railing. Foresters Kiev region

You can see more photos by visiting the section wrought iron railing, and in this section you can see the whole process of making forged railings, lanterns, and other products at the facility in the village. Foresters of the Kiev region. Where does the production of any high-quality forged product begin? Of course, with its design, miscalculation and agreement with the customer, designer and architect. So it was at this facility. Having listened to the wishes of the customer, we proceeded to the design of products. To get a really good result, you need to carefully think over each node, have a good understanding of the metal and have rich experience in the design, calculation and manufacture of forged products.

Wrought iron stair railing.

For the design and further production of forged railings, it is necessary to correctly and accurately measure the stairs. At the measurement stage, there were no marble treads on the steps. Measurements were taken along a rough concrete staircase. The handrail production was carried out in parallel with the production of marble treads. After careful measurements, the future staircase was designed taking into account the future steps. The wrought iron railings for the future staircase were made in parallel with the marble. After the installation of the marble steps, we arrived at the preliminary installation of our wrought iron railings. Pre-installation gives us the opportunity to carry out all metalwork and welding work before the final painting of the product. After preliminary installation of the products, we took them for final finishing and painting. The final installation of the forged railings with this approach to production takes half a day and is done without dust and noise. After the final installation, the leaves were covered with gold leaf, which emphasized all the beauty and sophistication of the product.