Wrought iron gates Romankov

Forged products in Romankov Kiev region

Photo report of the workflow for the design, manufacture and installation of sliding forged gates, forged wickets with monolithic polycarbonate, forged stairs on the central stringer with run-in steps, white forged railings to the second floor with gold leaf painted, balcony railing, forged canopy

Sliding wrought iron gates

Sliding wrought iron gates made in the Art Nouveau style, made using various sections, the gate and the wicket are sewn with monolithic bronze polycarbonate and steel sheet, which gives the gate an original appearance. An electromechanical lock is installed on the gate. The gates are fitted with Italian sliding gate hardware from RollingCenter, the undisputed leader in the hardware market. The Italian Came BX series automatic equipment is also installed on the gate. Sliding gates were primed 2 times, undercuts and joints were additionally processed by hand, joints and joints were sealed, painted with specialized paints for forged metal products and patinated. This finishing method eliminates the appearance of corrosion on the metal for many years.